Behind the Scenes

I can hardly contain my excitement about my newest collection, “La Madriguera.” This is possibly the longest I have ever worked on building a collection and I must say, I'm thrilled with the results! Even selecting the name was a huge brainstorming session with my staff. I wanted to convey the earthy sensation of blues and browns, the natural elements brought forth with metal chain-work, and the raw beauty of our planet. We decided on “La Madriguera” because it means a warren or a burrow; a cozy nest within the Earth.


To commemorate the launch of this latest collection, I organized my first photo shoot in years! It was SO FUN! For the first time, my son Victor was able to join the efforts as a model. As a mom and an artist, I can't get over how fabulous he looks on film! Of course, I was ushered inside while he was actually modeling. My crew thought he would be far too nervous with me standing on the side-lines shouting instructions and compliments!


For our location, we were lucky enough to have the blessing of the Bourbon Street Blues Bar owner, Phil. Shooting in Printer's Alley was such an honor for myself and everyone involved. The history contained in that strip of Nashville is endless and I'm thrilled that I was able to become a part of that long story. The gritty, raw, unmistakable look of historic downtown was the ultimate backdrop for my rock-n-roll sensibilities and style.


Model and fellow designer, Eric Adler the clothing designer was kind enough to join me for this adventure. His clothing is so stylish and daring, it was an easy task to match my jewelry to his outfits. And as a model, he is naturally stunning! It was a great opportunity to work with him and I'm so glad I got the chance to have a meeting of the minds with this creative and kindred spirit.


Everyone had a great time and the vibe was so strong that we even attracted a few construction workers to our group! It was too funny to resist, so they jumped right into our photo-shoot alongside our glamorous models! The results are some of my very favorite pictures of all time!


The whole experience was fantastic and I can't think of a better way to bring my newest creations to the world! I'd like to thank everyone involved and, of course, thank YOU for following along this crazy journey with me!