Estrella Series of the Spring 2014 Collection

Betty Badd Couture Spring 2014 Estrella Series features beautiful Druzy crystals, Pyrite, & Vermeil

Enchanted by starlight, this collection is inspired by the luminescent jewels sparkling in the night sky. Faceted Pyrite shimmers with silver or gold in a richly shining finish. These pieces are adorned with dazzling Druzy crystal stations, a fine coating of delicate crystals twinkling from within a geode and finished with gold vermeil embellishments.

Druzy occurs as thousands of tiny shimmering crystal points blanket the surface of a gemstone. This appearance of star dust creates a breathtaking stunning glittering effect. The magical combination of these natural elements creates a glittering array of sparkle.

The word “Estrella” is Spanish for “Star,” reminding us that we are all made of star-dust and empowering you to shine with your own inner light.

While named after stars, each piece in this ornate collection also embodies an earthy awareness. The hand-knotted Pyrite beads are staged with druzy stations, like with the Estrella Pyrite Druzy Pendant necklace. Each one unique, the center section of druzy crystal glimmers with iridescent shades of blue and lavender.

Some styles in the Estrella Series feature individual pieces of wrapped pyrite made into a delicate chain - such as my Estrella Bikini Jewelry. This ornamental piece is a fabulous look for a summer pool party. It dresses up the body by contouring it down from the neck to the waist. Delicate in appearance, but robust in statement, this piece reminds me of my time growing up in Miami, when all the ladies were decked to the nines, regardless if they're out on the town or just lounging poolside. 


Estrella Gold Single Strand Necklace

Estrella Gold Single Strand Necklace

The Estrella Collection is not for the timid. Once you wear it you will find your inner strength as the druzy crystals are known for powerful magical properties encompassing all of the earth's creation. Each piece is one of a kind as no stone is the same. The rich golden hues from the pyrite in pieces such as the Estrella Gold Single Strand Necklace create illusions of grandeur complimenting any skin tone bringing out the “inner rebel” in you. And thanks to the section of ring chain, this one is so adjustable, you can wear it in countless ways; as a long necklace, wrapped around the neck or with a delicate section of chain and pyrite hanging down the back. 


Each of the pieces in the Estrella Series is incredibly personal to me. In Estrella, I’ve worked to create a collection of items that are both mystically powerful and elegantly beautiful. I hope you find them to be pieces you’ll cherish for your lifetime.