Nashville Wives

Episode One - Get Your Pig Hands Off Me!


In the weeks leading up to the premier of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, I heard over and over again how many people laughed at the dynamic between my twin sister Anna and me. Well, join the club!

Sisters are precious – I should know. Not only do I have a twin Ana, but I am actually one of four sisters. Growing up, we would fade back and forth between best friends and worst enemies – often at the drop of a hat. But family is important, especially to a Cuban. While Ana and I often disagree, we are also essential to each other. We’re the first one the other calls in times of stress or celebration. We know that if we can’t be honest with each other, than whom can you really count on for the truth?

In episode one, we spent much of the time working on that crazy Pig Roast party. It sounded like a great idea at the time – perfectly Cuban. You know, get a pig, some adult beverages, a few musical instruments and gather the friends and family. Well, next time I may have to think this through a little more… because I never stopped to think about the actual PIG! Ahh! A real pig!! I had called a local butcher that we’ve been using for more than 20 years. We have a great friend Alejandro at a local restaurant Back to Cuba Cafe who had said he would be happy to cook the pig here at the house for us, but I needed to go get the pig. That’s when reality started to sink in…

Neither Ana nor I had any desire to do this. In the past, we have had it delivered but I had never stopped to think about having to pick it up. What would it look like? Would I have to be there while they killed it? I couldn’t get the images out of my head and Ana was no help - that much is for sure! She was all to eager to add fuel to my fire until I was frozen in fear at just the thought of it. I swear, I think that Ana enjoys my suffering more than anyone sometimes. Luckily, my husband Raul swooped in to save the day and offered to go pick up the pig, but that was only the beginning!

We had to get the pig the day before the party, so we could not just let it sit in the back of the truck! It would have to stay cold until it was time to cook it. All I could think of was having to ice down a dead pig in my bathtub. This when having friends in Nashville comes in handy. Thank God for Tamay Olzari with Chef Max Restaurant Equipment here in Nashville. He brought over a large refrigerator and sanitary prep table for us to use. I never would have been able to take a bath again.


So there we were, standing beside the truck with a dead pig in the back that needed to be removed and put into the cooler. I couldn’t even look at it. Yes, I know, I love bacon and bacon comes from pigs. I do think it’s important that people understand where their food comes from, but do you really have to see it right in front of your face? All I wanted to do was run away from it, but I knew I had to get that pig out of the truck and on to the table so Alejandro could start the process of cooking it for us. Every time I reached for it, I got chills…uncontrollable chills! I tried so many times to reach for it but could not control myself before my arms retreated. Finally, we looked at each other and summoned up the courage to just get it out of the truck and on to the table. I halfway closed my eyes and held my breath as we tugged this poor little piggy out of the truck. Finally, success! I know it seems like nothing big, but I was so proud of myself for getting past the fear. As I reached for my sister to celebrate, she shouted “Get your pig hands off me!” Nice, Anna. Real nice.

After all was said and done, the pig was fantastic and the party was a success. But now every time I see someone, they tell me to get my “pig hands” off them. Will I ever be able to live this down?

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Love Always,