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Holy Cow, I'm on a TV Show!

In the middle of March 2013, my good friend told me about a local casting call in the “Nashville Scene” for a new reality show. At first, I was hesitant to audition. When I received the news for a callback, I somehow immediately knew I would get the role.


Knowing firsthand the cost of fame, I was very apprehensive. Not only do I have myself to worry about, but my family and my business are even more important to me. Every week for a year, my family and I discussed pros and cons of this huge life-changing decision. All kinds of questions were running through my mind. “Do I want to invite the world – and a camera crew - into my life? Do I really want to air out my dirty laundry on national TV? What will this mean for my business?” It was a tough decision that wasn’t made lightly. After all, we had a whole year to debate!

People must be wondering why I did this and my main reason is to bring awareness to my business. My sons can’t inherit their dad’s voice, but they can inherit Betty Badd Couture. Just like everyone else, I too have dreams and goals. After taking a hiatus from the business due to the infamous Nashville flood and focusing on family, this opportunity presented itself at exactly the right moment, and this is how I can fulfill my desires. It has been quite hard living in my husband’s shadow and now it’s my time to ROAR. (My Katy Perry voice).

I’m sure there may be some people who might not like what they see, and I apologize in advance. I’m sure others will have negative opinions about me, but I do my best to rise above the drama and hope at the end of the day everyone will see I am a mother first!

I invite you to come join me on this wild ride. Share with me our ups and downs, laughter and tears, and most of all what life for me in Nashville is really like. Be sure to tune in on Mondays starting February 24 @ 10pmE/9pmC on TNT!

Oh, and check back here often (or sign up for my newsletter), as I’ll be posting a weekly recap of the REAL story each week! Happy New Year!!

Love always,