Making Rose-Infused Tequila


Tequila is my drug of choice – well, that and a good strong cup of coffee. For years, I always went back to that standby of a Margarita when it was time for a cocktail (or three). But lately, I’ve really been getting into having a little more fun with cocktails – especially when I’m making them at home.

For this recipe you’ll need the following:

3 tablespoons dried organic rose petals, crushed

2 cups of good, blanco tequila (I personally love using Patron)

Simply add the rose petals to the tequila and let sit for 48 hours before pouring through a coffee filter to strain. This pumped-up floral-scented tequila is not only delicious in margaritas, but you’ll be amazed how delicious it is simply mixed with seltzer! 

Note: You can source organic (edible) roses easily online. Be sure you are using edible roses, as many are sprayed with pesticides and other nasty stuff!