Behind the Scenes

My Sanctuary...

My Santuary.jpg

Every artist needs a magical place to create. Ask any of them what makes it ideal and they’ll each have a different reason. For some, it’s an abundance of natural light. For others, it could be a nice open space or for some it’s a respite from their everyday routine. For me, it’s all of these things.

For years, I have been lucky enough work out of a large studio in a converted industrial building in Nashville. A former hosiery plant, this space is absolutely saturated in history and lore. It made it a perfect home for Betty Badd Couture.

Being the only female in a household full of men has its challenges. My studio is my getaway to escape the male madness. It’s amazing to see the transformation from when I first got the studio to how much I’ve collected over the past 10 years. From paints and brushes to beads, stones, and chains… it’s never enough. It can be a little overwhelming when I walk in, but it’s ok because it is my sanctuary.

My studio is probably one of the most eclectic places one can lay their eyes on. Stepping into my studio is like stepping into a fantasy world. There’s virtually no surface remains untouched. Over the years, I have gilded the doors and added my paintings to the walls, but every corner is dripping in the materials that inspire me every day. Shelves are stacked with miniature shrines both spiritual and secular. From strands and strands of stones to bolts of beautiful silk fabric, it’s like a playhouse for me – full of sparkles and shimmer, leather and lace.

In my studio, I am able paint, work on my jewelry line as well as meet with clients for custom orders. People love to come to my place. Problem is they never want to leave… ha ha ha. I have many good friends that work out the building and have forged great relationships with them. Everyone is an artist, painter, photographer, and/or creative type. We all inspire each other and also help each other. It’s quite the family. I never want to leave! One day soon, I will film a little video so I can share my sanctuary with all of you.