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Bless and Release

Behind the Scenes of Episode 8

Finally, I am able to share my sanctuary with the girls.  My studio is such a soothing creative environment so I invited Erika and Cassie over to discuss how to move forward after the Chicago trip.  Erika felt really bad about the way she acted in Jenny’s hotel room, but Erika was justified because of Jenny’s behavior towards her.  At the end of the day it all breaks down to communication, and that's what I wanted to get across to Erika.  I told Erika to get her back bone back.  Geez…… You have to be tough to live in New York, and I knew Erika still had that inside her.  She is tough. I wanted her to dig in deep and remember she is a Betty Badd Ass……with a voice. I begged her “not to shut down”. It would have been easier to walk away ignoring everyone, but Erika wants a friendship with Jenny and vice versa.  Thank God Cassie was there because Cassie is a very positive person and has always been very supportive to all of us - Especially Erika.  Cassie gives good solid advice but will set you straight if needed.  She does not play both sides of the fence and has a good head on her shoulders. No that petite Betty is not afraid to speak her mind.  Cassie and I wanted to breathe confidence back into Erika.  It is tough being an at home mom.  You begin to forget how tough the “outside world” is.

I loved getting to see Jenny and JT's reaction finding out that they were pregnant.  What a beautiful moment that was to share with the world and so full of love! I’m so excited Hank is going to have a sibling.  Even more excited that Jenny will have less to worry about it now that Hank will have a playmate.

Sarah’s show at The Bluebird was great.  That is a real difficult place to perform, but she enamored the room and captured the audience.  I’m glad she has the outlet of music to get through her divorce.  Music heals the soul!!!!

It was wonderful going to the lunch at Cassie’s.  I knew it was going to be a heavy afternoon so I picked up a couple of piñatas because I felt it might be good to beat our frustrations out on something fun instead of on each other like in episode 1 - Ana states she wants to find a stick and beat me with it.  Here’s your chance……  As soon as I see Jenny, I took one look at her and asked her if she was pregnant.  (This was even before we sat down at the table for lunch.) She just looked radiant but still wasn't admitting it. 

This was the first time that the six of us sat down together this whole summer.  It was nice but bittersweet due to the Jenny/Erika situation.  When Erika tries to clear things up, we all got super nervous because we didn't know where this could go.  As Erika is trying to clear things up she uses the word “ATTACK”.  I did not want her to use any type of word that could antagonize Jenny so I had to chime in and say not to use the word attack.  I want everyone to be friends as I think we all can learn from each other.  Then we get to hear Jenny’s good news.  I knew she was pregnant, and I knew immediately she would have a boy.  I admit I am somewhat of a psychic.

 The shocker was when my sister Ana started crying. I now want to publicly apologize to Ana because after getting to watch this episode, I could feel her pain.  I regretfully dismissed it during my interview and said she pulled an Erika, but actually, she didn’t. She is scared that she is never going to have “it all” and that breaks my heart.  I would rather be miserable than see my beautiful ANA sad.  She is my world, and I love Ana with every fiber of my being.  

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