Easy to Make Crab Dip

Spring is in the air. Which means more outdoor gatherings! If you’re hosting, the easiest appetizer to make is this simple recipe for Crab Dip. If you’re the invitee, show gratitude and bring a dish! If you have no idea what to make and most importantly, no TIME to cook a fancy dish, follow my easy recipe to make the TASTIEST & FASTEST appetizer! After all, who doesn’t love crab? Well, at least I do and it has become a staple for me and the entire family!

Easy Tuna Dip receipt by Betty Badd

All you need is a few simple things available at your nearest supermarket.


1 12oz can of crab meat

1/2 cup picked sliced jalapeño peppers (add more if you like spicy)

2 tablespoons of jalapeño juice (from the jar of pickled peppers)

1 bunch of fresh cilantro.

1/2 cup mayonnaise 

Tortilla Chips


Open your can of crab, drain water and place in the blender. Rinse and pat dry the cilantro and discard the stems. Then simply add your cilantro and your jalapeños to the blender with the mayo. To liquefy the dip, I like to add the jalapeño juice giving it a sour flavor. Once everything is in, start up the blender! Pulse your blender until everything is combined and you have reached the desired texture. Pour it in a bowl, break out the chips, and its ready to be served!

HOW EASY WAS THAT?! No mess, hardly any cleanup! Just the blender…

Hope you enjoy this recipe

Xoxo - B