Nashville Wives

Leave out the Lonely

Betty & Ana pull a switch-a-roo on a blind date. Read more to find her reaction...

So here we are leaving Chicago. First of all, I have to say that I had such a blast. I haven’t been on a “girls” trip in I don’t know how long but I enjoyed EVERY second of it and have no complaints. I love all these girls to the core and do enjoy their company. Although I still don’t understand why Jenny thinks Erika “attacked” her. Erika did not attack anyone but herself. She really had held so much in for so long and finally exploded. My thought is Go Erika!!!!!! Get your backbone back and don’t let anyone bring you down.  It broke my heart that morning when I saw Erika so distraught and broken… for speaking up for yourself? I can tell you that today Erika is a new, confident, mesmerizing woman who has a lot to give. I wont let anyone in our group make her feel “less-than” anymore.

Sarah’s recording session was so bittersweet. Take a moment and listen to the lyrics. You too will feel the pain and yet the growth she is going through. I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes right now but Sarah knows we are all here for her anytime/any day. “Leave Out the Lonely” is the beginning of her new life and she is pulling it together, one day at a time. Sarah’s music has become a type of “girl’s anthem” and I adore her for it. You go girl. ROCK ON!!!!

I want Jenny and JT to have another baby so badly. It would be easier mentally on Jenny if Hank had a sibling whom he could play with and not be alone. Take it from me - I had more than 1 child because we couldn’t be the sole entertainer in our son’s life. Although more work at first, it’s the best pay off.  Plus I want to be the new baby’s Godmother. LOL!

I can’t say enough about Cassie. Talk about the rock of the group Cassie is. She is steadfast and loving. Comforting yet supportive and always willing to do anything for our group. I want to be Cassie in my next life!!!!! I am so glad she speared up the Agape Event.  It’s not fun living in someone’s shadow like Gary or Raul so having a charitable outlet is always nice.  Especially when it comes to animals.  Like most of you we all share a kindred spirit when it comes to our pets and by the way, didn’t Gary look great!?! I would make-out with him! XOXOX Actually, they both looked great. I loved Cassie’s hair during the fashion show. Maybe I will make out with her too. Just Kidding!

Now lets talk about what a team player my husband Raul is.  He is such a great man and knows how to rock an ascot.  Even in the summer.  Can you say HOTT!!!!!!!!!!  He was so nice to allow Ana and I to “play” out the date.  I secretly think he thinks “Please someone else deal with what I have to go through on a daily basis…Viloceraptors. 

Brent the date was even a better sport. I vote he be the next Bachelor. The “blind-date” was such a blast. I literally felt like I was in High school again. Especially when I had to “duck” in the car and hide. I deserve an Oscar for that performance. What the camera didn’t show was Ana constantly poking her head around the corner or above the booth. She tried to break my concentration but I didn’t let her!

It was so funny to me that I was able to talk “construction” to Brent. Ana has a thriving glass and glazing business and I guess through osmosis I’ve retained conversations which I have overheard her having. I love, adore, and respect Ana so much. She has always been my rock and my substance of life. I would swim across the oceans, walk across the deserts for my twin sister Ana. She completes me. Yes we fight a lot but our love is stronger than anyone can imagine and I thank God every single day that he gave her to me. I wouldn’t want to be on this earth with out her. I love you Ana!!!! My BETTER half.