Summer = Anklet Season!

Beautiful summer anklets at!

Summer is finally in full swing and the playful fashions of the season are all coming out to shine. I just love this time of year!!

The time has come to put away the cozy boots and bring out the cute slippers and flip-flops, which means it’s time for anklets! This seemingly simple accessory has a rich and multi-cultured background.

For centuries, women in India have been indulging in the exquisite beauty of anklets, and Egyptian women have been wearing them even longer. Though the Western trend is to wear only one anklet, Eastern cultures typically wear matching anklets adorning each foot. 

Historically made from a variety of materials such as Bronze, Silver, Iron, Gold, Leather and Stones, anklets have been a part of Eastern and European cultures for much of the history of fashion. It’s no surprise that this accessory has appealed to women across the globe, the universal appeal is undeniable! 

As fashion evolves, anklets keep up with the times and present an endless variety of materials and styles. I love to wear a few flashy anklets layered together for a splash of color in my summer wardrobe, or to wear them in the Eastern style of one on each ankle. Elegant semi-precious stones are perfect for anklets that suit warm-weather formal functions.

Anklets are a celebration of summer and the ideal ornamentation to any Summertime outfit. They’re easily one of my favorite pieces to design and also to wear! I can’t get enough sparkle, so for my Summer Collection I’ve added double-strand anklets in Blue or Red with a shimmering gold finish. 

There’s no way to capture in photographs the glittering effect of these beads in motion, so I will have them at my upcoming Trunk Shows. I hope to see you there!