Behind the Scenes, Betty Badd Couture

The Story Behind the Picks

I have been married to a musician for over 25 years and I can tell you it’s a lifestyle that comes with its share of rewards and hassles. One of the most annoying quirks that I deal with is the problem of finding guitar picks absolutely everywhere. They turn up in pockets, cushions, drawers, appliances, and every place imaginable. My dryer has broken several times due to a pick becoming lodged in the mechanism. These flat little things are inescapable! So, deciding to use these lemons to make lemonade, I started making them into jewelry!

One of my favorite designs is my “Bib Necklace” which creates a dangling draping look from stones, pendants, or vintage items. So it was an easy choice to make one using guitar picks! From there, I knew I would need matching earrings, bracelets, anklets, and chain wallet to complete this style. I’m so pleased with how these items have turned out and the reception from fans has been outstanding! 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a TON of amazing Mavericks fans at the Malo-con conference in Texas! Seeing their response helped inspire me to take this idea even further. I've created my own custom Betty Badd guitar picks and also made jewelry from solid black and tortoise shell picks.