Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday's Tip.jpg

I've been making jewelry for over a decade now and the lessons I've learned have been numerous and difficult! Not only have I learned countless minutes about the construction of jewelry, I've learned so much about wearing and storing it too! 

The learning process has been long and I have managed to destroy several pieces of jewelry along the way! Traveling with my inventory has taught me much about the dangers of improperly treated jewelry! Not only have I had to repair my own pieces, friends and clients always have a drawer of broken jewelry that they want me to fix. Although I don't advertise it, I'm usually happy to perform repairs for people to renew their beloved but broken pieces. 

In an effort to help people protect their precious valuables from damage, I decided to start my weekly routine of publishing "Tuesday's Tip" on Facebook. I hope my friends don't have to learn these lessons the hard way! 

Accessories are under constant attack from wear and storage, so it's important to take good care of them! I sincerely hope I can help everyone preserve their jewelry!