January Cleaning and Trunk Show

When the weather is at its worst and we're all stuck indoors, I can think of no better time to dig in those old closets, cabinets and drawers to get ourselves organized! Purging our lives of junk or stuff that we're simply never going to use can be such a pick-me-up during this yucky time of year!


One piece of advice that I've found to be very useful is to put hooks absolutely everywhere! Hang your belts, scarves, and accessories in a beautiful display in your closet! Being a very visual person, I need to see everything at once to make decisions, and I just love to see all my beautiful items laid out together! And this applies in every room of the house, the kitchen pots and pans get hung neatly on hooks and suddenly whole cabinets are free! In the bathroom, especially with so many kids in the house, easy-to-use hooks are the secret to keeping towels off the floor!


Another way that I organize without loosing sight if the items is with large plastic bags. Earrings that have lost their match, items that I never wear, things broken beyond my ability to repair them, everything that I don't access frequently gets bagged and stored. Then I can come back and revisit them later and decide if I really want to keep them!


While applying these lessons to my own life, I spent some time cleaning out my studio recently. I discovered a cache of Rose Quartz that I had forgotten about and inspiration struck! I have been working every day on beautifully feminine items adorned with pink, pearl and as much sparkle as I could manage! I'll be unveiling these limited edition items at the trunk show this upcoming Saturday (January 24th) at the Omni here in Nashville! So if you're in the area, be sure to stop by and see me!