Excited for Summer!

Here in Tennessee the warm weather is in full swing and the brief winter already seems like a distant memory. As I pack up my cold-weather outfits and coats I rejoice in pulling out my cute skirts and tank-tops! And, of course, these adorable sexy outfits deserve the right accessories: something versatile, lightweight, and no-fuss.


I've always loved the lariat design and I'm very pleased to finally launch a collection of these fabulous pieces. Worn long with a dramatic neckline, doubled for a cute splash of color, or even tied around the hips as a belt, there's no limit to how these can bring color and sparkle to an outfit. I wanted to use a pallete of spring-time colors, a celebration of the yearly awakening of nature.


And as long-time fans may know, I simply adore anklets, so it was a natural progression to extend that same pallete into matching anklets and earrings. I just love wearing bright beautiful colors, like a flower reaching to the sunshine!


So join me in this revelry of beautiful days, balmy evenings, and showing off plenty of skin! Breath deeply, appreciate it all, and confidently express all the myriad colors of your joyful spirit!