Midsummer Night's Dream

Moonlight glistens on the endless expanse of ocean beneath my hotel balcony. A gentle breeze carries the sound of far-away laughter and music. The night is calling to me and I can't refuse the invitation. Deciding to take my time and enjoy the ritual of getting ready, I shuffle through a few CDs and put on Raul's “All Night Long”. Even after all these years that man's voice just does something to me!

To start, just the basics – a black string bikini and a sheer black wrap around the hips. Then on to my favorite part, the accessories! Black looks stunning with everything so I wanted to go colorful and tasteful. Glittering blue Swarovski crystals are the perfect fit, so I start with an anklet to make every step sparkle. Draping the matching lariat around my neck, the stones chill my bare skin and give me a small shiver.

Tying the lariat in a knot, I can't help but smile at the slightly kinky implication of wearing knotted jewelry. I eye myself in the mirror and it still seems something's missing. When in doubt, add more sparkle! A black leather cuff with rhinestone banding is a natural fit, so I snap it on and head for the door.

My black sandals announce my passage through the halls and down the stairs, and then I'm greeted with that magical feeling of being face-to-face with the most powerful force on this planet – the ocean. I abandon my shoes and walk toward the surf until my legs are being splashed with the tide's movements.

I have the beach to myself so I stand in the moon's spotlight and stare out into the inky waters which seem to stretch on forever. The gentle light makes my skin seem to glow with a soft radiance and my jewelry twinkles like the stars dotting the sky.

Walking along the shore, I relish the sensation of the sand under my feet, the wind in my hair, and the soft spray on my skin. I lift my arms as if the breeze might carry me away and breathe deeply of the night air. Even alone, it was easy to feel sensual in such a romantic setting.

It doesn't take much to have a perfect night at the beach or anywhere that you feel empowered and sexy. Taking yourself out on a date can be fun and exciting, and it's definitely worth dressing up for! Your favorite piece of jewelry is the perfect finishing touch, even when your outfit is just a bikini!

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