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Betty Badd Couture

Introducing...La Madriguera!

La Madriguera Collection from Betty Badd Couture

It's easy to have mixed feelings about this time of year. The weather becomes uninviting, the sunlight seems to vanish hours before it's supposed to, and the time change has everyone confused for at least a few days. But there's highlights too! Holidays mean special time with the family plus an excuse to decorate like crazy, and winter fashion finally comes out to play! With this in mind, I'm thrilled to introduce my newest collection, La Madriguera. 

La Madriguera translates from Spanish to English in several ways, meaning of the earth but also meaning lair. Both of these translations are perfect for this collection - and this time of year - as it's the time when you spend so much time inside, indulging in the comforts of your own home and the hospitality of others' homes. But this collection also brings for so many elements of the earth - metals and stone especially.

Jeans have endured as a fashionable and practical staple of our wardrobes because they deserve to! A huge variety of colors and styles means there's no end to the kind of look you can achieve. And what better way to complete a great pair of jeans than with a hipchain? I've designed hipchains for men and women that range from formal and elegant to casual and fun. Of course, my inspirations for these designs come from my own tastes as well as the tastes of the very stylish men in my life.

My husband is especially fashionable, so I often seek his opinion for my Men's Collections. While designing my newest collection, La Madriguera, I really wanted to keep men in mind. The earthy tones of copper and antique silver spoke to me, reminding me of the rich fertile soil laying dormant beneath the winter frost.

I wanted this collection to have very natural overtones, bringing a much-needed dose of vitality to this time of year. One item that was missing from my own wardrobe was something to add a touch of that elegant rock-n-roll flare I'm so fond of, so I designed a few boot-chains based on those same natural aesthetics. I drew great inspiration from the metals, designing many pieces to feature elaborate chain-work and filigree ornamentation.

I strive to bring my vision to both men and women, including everyone in my inspirations. I sincerely hope you get as much pleasure indulging in these pieces as I had designing them.

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The Story of My Artisano Collection

The story of Betty Badd Couture's Artisano Collection

When I started my career, I found inspiration in the random loose stones and findings that I came across. I made mostly unique items using vintage or rare materials. Custom orders were my only business, and I was even lucky enough to make a few pieces for celebrities! Mary J Blige ordered a gilded guitar strap, Snoop Dog ordered a custom hat, Sheryl Crow has many of my pieces, and countless country artists have ordered hip chains, boot chains, and other items. 

As my business started to grow, I realized that I would have to start making jewelry that I could reproduce. This limited my choices a bit but enabled me to produce consistently beautiful products. Finding the stones that were the most versatile and classically stylish, I formed my first collection of pieces that were able to stand the test of time. Crystal, Onyx, Turquoise, and Rose Quartz will forever be gorgeous and suited to any style.

But of course, I didn't stop being inspired by the various materials that find their way into my life! I knew that, professionally, I needed to focus on creating the foundation of my line, the jewelry that will define my style. Artistically, I craved the ability to express creativity through unique one-of-a-kind pieces! So I have decided to balance these priorities and release my new Artisano Collection!

I'm thrilled to announce a home for my creative spirit in these new unique pieces. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, completely individual, made from a variety of vintage findings, rare stones, and antique materials. I allow the items to come together naturally, trying to use an artistic eye when matching styles with materials. I want to breathe the life of modern style into these classic and beautiful designs.

It's certainly fun and I love the process, but the results are even more satisfying. Rare or forgotten stones once again have time to shine! Fashion is always evolving, but beauty never goes out of style! 

Besides, why should celebrities be the only ones that get to own custom creations?

I could not be more excited to introduce my Artisano Collection. But if you see something you love, snatch it up while you can - there's only one of each design and it will never be reproduced!