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Read on what Betty Malo had to say about the chaos leading up to her Fashion Show with Manuel | Betty Badd

Wow! This was an exciting time in my life and for my business that I started a decade ago. After the 2010 flood, I had to take a sabbatical from Betty Badd Couture in order to rebuild our world. We lost everything! I'll have to write up a blog about that soon!

I was honored to participate in Manuel’s fashion show. Believe me, it took many years of hard work to prove to Manuel I have what it takes. After doing many national trade shows, winning MTV’s designer of the year, getting my line into boutiques across the country and accessorizing many celebrities the time couldn’t have been more perfect for Manuel to ask me to participate. He has pretty much dressed everyone in Country music. Elton John, The Rolling Stones, even Little Richard (just to name a few). He is a living legend! I thought I was going to pass out when he asked, but I was ready to jump back into work. I needed it. When he told me “I will be so proud presenting your jewelry” it was air beneath my wings. I finally got my groove back.

The fashion show was a blast. I love working behind the scenes and under pressure. In preparation for the show, we scheduled fittings the week before, and I pulled the jewelry for each outfit ahead of time. However, the day of the show, everything was mixed up and not going according to plan. On top of that, it was hotter than a sauna! People were grabbing the jewelry off the hangers thus mixing up the looks. Though, after seeing it on this episode it looked fantastic! Mind you, I haven’t seen the fashion show until now. Tons of people showed up including the ladies from the Tennessee State Museum where Manuel and I are both members of the Costume and Textile Board. Director of the board and my good friend, Lois Riggins, gave an incredible speech at the end at the end of the night. I was blown away with the “who’s-whos” that attended and very grateful for their support. THANK YOU!!!!!

I also want to thank all my fellow cast mates for participating in the show. I know it might have been somewhat uncomfortable for them, but they did so well – like a pro. Especially Erika. She knows how to work it. Getting time to spend with Tina was a blast too. She is salt of the earth. I also need to thank Manuel’s team, Corissa and Rachael. They did an amazing job and both deserve a beach vacation after that one!!

Getting to clear things up with Jenny was epic for me. I respect her and value our relationship. She means the world to me. I do regret getting mad at Ana during casino night. In Ana’s defense, Jenny was as much to blame. Ana was only trying to help, and I see that now. I’m glad this was resolved, I think. I would non-exist if I didn’t have my beautiful twin sister in my life. She is the ying to my yang and I love her so much.

When I express I don’t want to be known as Ana’s twin, I don’t mean that in a bad way. Being a twin, it’s difficult to see me as an individual. I always feel as if I am living under someone’s shadow. When something happens with Ana, somehow it gets me involved even if I have absolutely nothing to do with the situation. I would like for everyone to know me not as Ana’s twin, Raul’s wife, or the boy’s mother… but as ME! BETTY BADD! I can do this through my jewelry business. It’s a great escape and it is working!

In Ana’s blog, she expresses how upset she was not being asked to walk the runway. Ana was supposed to help get everything in order behind the scenes, but she was late as usual. Yes, I did have assistance with Nitta and Jane, but a fourth helping hand wouldn’t hurt anyone.  At this point, I was so upset with her that I didn’t want to be around her. After all, the show must go on!

I’m so glad Cassie had success taking Erika’s head shots. Cassie is a jack-of-all- trades, kudos to her. She hosted the pool party so we could have a relaxing afternoon only to find out Sarah’s horrible news. I was in shock!!!! I wanted to scoop her up and hold her as long as possible. Not only could you feel her pain and sorrow, you could feel how scared she was. Ever since that moment, Sarah and I developed a deep bond. I would swim across the oceans for my wonderful friend. She is still healing but pulling through. I admire and respect her and hope she will find the love of her life. I am sure it is difficult to be in her position, but I feel she will heal through music and songwriting.

It was really brave of Erika to address her past; although, her timing was off. I have a better understanding of her because of it and feel she opened the door for all the ladies to get to know her better. Next episode, she’ll take us down memory lane…

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