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Alot of drama brewing at Casino night. See what Betty Malo had to say about it.

I remember the ‘good ol’ days’ when The Mavericks first started touring (once they got their record deal) how they would drive around in a van, lug all their own gear, and all take turns at the wheel. Seeing Sarah do the same thing reminds me how hard the life of a musician really is. No matter what is going on in your life you must put on a “happy face” and get through the show. Watching episode 4, I again see that sadness in her eyes and it makes my heart weep for her. While I don’t know everything that is going on with Sarah and Dallas, I do know that both of them are great people and they love each other deeply. I hope they can work things out.

When I saw the segment of Gary Chapman recording in the studio it pulled at my heartstrings! I immediately recognized that they were at Blackbird Studios – it’s Raul’s favorite place to record and a home away from home. It’s always fun running into John and Martina McBride there. When Cassie mentions that Gary wanted Eva Rose to see her name credited on the record; that is when he officially won me over, almost bringing me to tears. It was a very tender moment and a vulnerable position for Cassie but she really knocked it out of the ballpark!


No Invite = Confusion

You know what they say – shit happens. Invites get lost in the mail and though I knew about the event, I was in the dark about the specifics. When Ana told me she was meeting Jenny and Cassie at Performance Studios and Costume Shop to pick out what they are going to wear for Casino Night I did feel left out…but more importantly, it left me confused. (It’s always fun picking out a costume - especially when Ana is around.) Obviously, I was invited to the party but without an invite I have no idea if it is a costume party. Is it Asian theme costume? Bond theme? I even called the other ladies to see what costume they were wearing and they told me they were wearing ball gowns - which only confused me even more. I am not one to whine or bitch but I do like having some sort of clarity and that is why I called Jenny the afternoon of her party. I know it was not good timing when I called but I wanted to respect the Terrell’s theme of the night. 

The event was absolutely stunning and you could tell the Terrell’s went “all out”. The trees were dripping with Chinese lanterns softly illuminating the paths and outside gathering areas creating an lovely Asian ambiance. They had themed cocktails, a martini bar, a whiskey bar and champagne. They even had a cigar bar. Food was elegantly presented with an array of Hors D’oeuvres, sushi rolls, and other Asian delights. Casino and game tables were sprinkled throughout the house creating a visual feast. Well done, Jenny and JT!

I invited my good friend Linda Dunbar (aka Lobster Mobster) to go with me. I didn’t know it was a “couples” party. Moreover, I didn't even know it was for a charitable cause. This was very embarrassing for me, as my husband and I pride ourselves on supporting the local community and I showed up to the party with no check. Raul and I have supported The Make A Wish Foundation for many years ever since Dino was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. Raul even performed at a benefit at The Country Music Hall of Fame raising funds and awareness for this incredible organization. If I had known this party was for Make A Wish, I would have been even more excited to participate!

It was when Linda mentioned that there was a silent auction that we both ventured to the second floor. This is where the drama begins. Over the years, I’ve learned to never speak on behalf of my husband or sign him up for something without his consent. Of course I was upset about the guitar – embarrassed really. All these great folks are at the event, seeing this guitar and the sign that claims his signature is on it…only to wonder why it is not. For someone looking from the outside, not knowing the details, it would lead them to believe that he was the one who dropped the ball. 

I know I got upset with my sister for bidding on the guitar, but I can look back now and see that she thought she was doing the right thing. At least she knows where to get that Raul Malo signature! BTW – why did the ladies not tell her it was a costume party after all!

XOXOX, Betty Badd

Behind the Scenes, Nashville Wives

Genetically Connected

This episode starts out with Ana and Jenny meeting Erika for lunch to try and see if they can all be friends. I was very proud of my sister for not only keeping an open-mind but also giving Erika another chance. If there's one thing I know about my sister, Ana, it's that once she makes an opinion about you that's it…Especially after girl's night when Erika really was not interested in anything anyone had to say. I don't think it was with bad intent, but I think she really hasn't been out in a long time and just didn't realize we all wanted to participate in the conversation. Here's a little party rule: If you say something about yourself let everyone else share something about themselves. A conversation takes 2+ people.

Yes, it would be intimidating for someone like Erika to go to a lunch with two extroverts like Jenny and Ana. Both are power-houses, confident, and strong women. Believe me, they've had their fair share of hard-knocks too, and they really wanted to give Erika another chance before just writing her off. I love Erika and understand what it is like to be homebound with sons so this made me happy. I hope they can all move forward.

Now let's talk about Erika's photo shoot. I was a little shocked watching it. First of all, I love Joel the make-up artist. I have known him for 20 years and have worked with him so many times – he's a true professional. I felt so bad for Joel when she dissed her hair and make-up. I personally thought she looked fabulous. Though, it was funny to me to actually see her come "alive" when she put the apron on. Maybe that's why she likes costumes so much…it lets her be another character. Bryan seems very loving and supportive. It was a very tender moment when he was trying to boost her confidence during dinner. (Which, by the way Ana had cooked for them. A fabulous Cuban dish Camarones Enchilados) He is a great guy.

I loved watching the scene when Sarah and Dallas were having a song-writing session early in the episode. I enjoyed watching him craft and mold the song with Sarah. I can see now why he has so many #1 hits. Now that I'm getting to watch the episodes and see their personal story, I have noticed that there really is "real-love" between them. "Marriage is a compromise" as Dallas says and it takes a lot of work. I regret saying that Dallas didn't "water his flower garden" after seeing the writing session segment. You could actually see he was doing it in the best way he knew how. I went over to her house before her dinner party and tried to see if everything was alright. Knowing Sarah, she played it cool… but all I saw was sadness in Sarah's eyes. They both really do love each other.

Jenny and JT's relationship is so nice to watch. They have so much love and respect for each other. I understand JT wanting a second child (having three of my own). It would make life easier if baby Hank had a buddy to play with. I always wanted more than one child because I didn't want to be the "sole-entertainer." Jenny works so hard and travels on a weekly basis. It must be a hard decision for her to have another baby with the job she has. I can only imagine how exhausted she is. I almost started to cry when she started to tear up and was talking about how guilty she feels when she has to leave. I knew Jenny was adopted but when she said what it feels like to be "genetically connected" I finally realized how lonely it can be when you don't know who you are genetically connected too.


Sarah's dinner party was intense. Besides the fact that is was sweltering outside, we were sitting like kids on time-out at those low tables! In this moment, we were all really getting to know each other…but that doesn't mean we still can't be misconceived. Take that whole conversation about marriage, for instance. I think Ana and I were misunderstood when we were talking about our relationships with men. Yes, of course I think marriage is a sacred union but you can't "cage" a person. When I said Raul's job is to flirt everybody looked so shocked!!!! As if I was saying something so left field and something so wrong. I never said it was okay to go cheat, but apparently, that's what they assumed. Let's be real clear on this one, I do not give my husband a hall pass to cheat!

What shocked me was when Jenny started talking about Sarah's career. Jenny asks Sarah how is Dallas going to handle it when men start stalking her and Erika said that that was okay because he "gets-it". "He knows the business." So, in other words, it's okay for the girls to flirt but not the guys? What a double standard!! Come on ladies…these people are in the entertainment business. Their job is to flirt and flirting doesn't mean cheating. It means having charisma and engaging with your audience. What's wrong with that?