Behind the Scenes

NYC Trip, Part 1

From Nashville to NYC!

Betty in NYC.jpg

For the past 10 years, I have taken a trip to New York at least once a month. I love New York! It’s absolutely invigorating and inspiring. This is where I source raw goods for my business. The great thing about the city is there isn’t just one bead store, there are hundreds! It allows you to be open-minded with your creativity because your options are limitless. I always have a fresh idea when I come home. There is nothing like New York.

I had a blast catching up with old friends, enjoying the city, meeting new people, and taking care of business. The night I arrived, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the city due to work. I did take the time to check out the billboard for Private Lives of Nashville Wives. We were riding through Times Square when Nitta my assistant shouted, “look!! It’s you, Betty!” It was such an overwhelming feeling to see myself on a billboard in Times Square!

Reality began to sink in for me seeing the billboard in NYC. I’m not use to being in the limelight. I’ve always been the one behind the scenes. And now I’m about to be on national TV? I can’t even wrap my head around it. It’s such a different dynamic than what I’m used to.

So after countless trips to NYC, I must admit this one had to be the most memorable. After all, my face is plastered in Times Square!

Love Always,