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Rockera Series of the Spring 2014 Collection

Find your Badd side with this Rock n Roll inspired collection. Featured in Betty Badd Couture Spring 2014 Collection

I've been making jewelry for more than 10 years, but nothing inspires my like creating new collections!

On one side, yes, I am a “Spanish Queen”, but I do have a “badd” side. There is an inner Rock-n-Roll goddess in me which led me to create the Rockera series in my Spring 2014 Collection. I carry this aesthetic in my daily wardrobe. No matter what occasion, I will always have a rock-n-roll element on, always push the envelope, and always stay edgy!

Pieces in Rockera share a combination of metallic and crystal elements. Be it gunmetal, gold or silver tones, these metallic chains, rings and spikes add some serious drama to the wardrobe! But it takes more than just the metals to make it Rockera. It’s really about the design. I’ve used some of the finest Swarosvki crystals and beads to turn up the volume on these pieces to make them all unique.

One of my favorites in this series is the Rockera Golden Stiletto Spiked Double Bib Necklace. At first glance, you see the stainless steel spikes and sparkling tones of gold and crystal, but look again and you’ll see the details that take it over the top. I’ve sandwiched the faceted Swarovski crystal beads that hang above the three center chains with dramatic Swarovski rondells. Each ring holds multiple cut crystals, gleaming from any angle. And the tassels themselves are loaded with clusters individual beads of crystal and gold-toned metal, each individually attached so they are free to move as the wearer moves about their evening. Just imagine hitting the dance floor with this beauty on!

I am crazy about the juxtaposition of wearing a classic elegant garment and mixing it up by wearing with a signature item from the Rockera series, creating such dramatic decadence. For example, the Rockera Gunmetal Spiked Bib Necklace! The crystals make it elegant, but the spikes make it badd – and oh what a look it creates! Imagine going out on the town with a great pair of jeans, some fabulous heels, a simple white tank and this necklace…put on a black leather motorcycle jacket and the look is complete!

But not everything in Rockera is all about spikes – it’s really all about attitude! The Rockera Knotted Single Strand Necklace/Belt pairs gunmetal ring chain with faceted black gunmetal glass beads and Swarovski crystal rondells for a look that is truly versatile. Like many of the pieces I design, it is meant to be a truly flexible addition to your wardrobe. Wear it loosely around your waist to cinch in a flowy blouse or wrap it around your neck a time or two and put on that little black dress – any way you wear it, it’s sure to attract gazes and compliments!

I truly believe every woman has a little (or a lot) of Rockera in them, and I invite you to join me!

Xoxo – Betty Badd